Celebrating 5 generations of Farmers & Butchers


Gloucester Sausage Company was founded in 1983 by Howard and Linda Duberley. Initially we set up just to make sausages, however Howard's customers from his other butcher shops asked him to get them meat as well. From then on our product range has grown every year recently this includes cooked products and Chelrizo sausage.

Not long after Howard and opened the factory and vehicles were sabotaged by animal rights extremists.

Along the way we have struggled to get our name out there as many people thought we were trade only. Getting the famous Sausage Bike on the road gave us a big boost in trade, especially when it was parked outside the factory!

Shortly after becoming famous some of our sausages went missing. Unfortunately they were never seen again...

Stuart and Edward finished college in 1992 and went into business with Howard and Linda forming The Duberley Partnership shortly after. The Duberley Partnership bought and developed Hart's Barn. Stuart took over the day to day running of Gloucester Sausage at this point.

Stuart altered the shop in 1995 and introduced a range of speciality sausages.

In 2007 we decided to take more space when the unit next door became available, this gave us room to expand the shop and put in our new "cooked" section.

This work was all done in time for our 25th anniversary in 2008 when we re-launched the shop with a 25th anniversary event.